Tedtalk – 4 Lessons in Creativity

Here is a TedTalk by Julie Burstein about 4 lessons she has learned in creativity. If 20 minutes of your time won’t do, here’s a little recap of what she said:

4 aspects of life we need to embrace for our own creativity to flourish:
  • We have to embrace experience that could change us by paying attention to the world around us.
  • We have to embrace challenges and sometimes our most broken places as out of such comes our most important creative work.
  • We have to embrace our limits and understand really what it is we can or can’t do to find our own voice.
  • We have to embrace loss. That means standing in that space between what we see in the world and what we hope for. Often times that means looking squarely at rejection, heartbreak, war and death. It is called the “tragic gap” not because it is sad, but because it is inevitable. This tension can be held like a violin string and be made beautiful.