Intuitive Art: Unraveling Our Many Colors


“Art that serves an artist best is an experiment in expanding awareness.”

-Peter London (Author of No More Secondhand Art)

“Creativity cannot flourish and reach its deepest potential without the participation of its demons as well as its angels.”

-Shaun McNiff, Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go

“Intuitive Art is about getting your hands messy.”

-Emelia Kim (Artless Hub Manager)


It has been several months now since I embarked on a journey into the world of instructing Intuitive Art workshops at Artless Hub. After finishing my fine art studies at OCAD University last year and many months of traveling and soul-searching, I landed in this wonderfully warm space that not only let me plan and teach my own workshops, but employed me to do so. It sure has been a great adventure, but enough about me.

Some of you might be wondering, “What exactly is Intuitive Art?” Well, allow me to lay out some of the key things you should know about it:

  1. You do not have to be an artist, know how to paint, or really even know the first thing about drawing and painting techniques. This is about experimenting, keeping your senses attentive and your mind as open as possible.
  2. Intuitive Art is about the process. It is always hard to let go of our artwork’s aesthetic result and silence our inner critic, but we benefit the most when we can get lost in the process of creating without worrying or judging ourselves about the way it looks. Once you realize that your artwork is speaking to you and you can learn about yourself through it, your intuition starts to become your guide and letting go of results becomes easier.
  3. “Flex your creative muscle!” – Matt Kim (Artless Hub founder). Like anything else, you have to practice this on a regular basis to reap its rewards. This is considered to be a meditative practice, which means that it has scientifically proven health benefits, including lowering stress and improving mental functions.

As for “getting our hands messy”, not only does paint tend to get splattered around, but a metaphorical inner chaos has seemed to unravel out of many participants during our workshops. One of the most important points I can stress here is that Intuitive Art helps us understand and embrace all parts of ourselves, if we truly let it. The demons with the angels, the clear colors with the muddy ones, the clean hands with the messy ones.


Photos by: Emelia Kim and Emma Rachel Levitt