Creativity is Attractive

There’s nothing as atractive as a starving artist. It’s always been a thing but now it’s official since science has stepped in a certified that indeed creative people are considered more attractive.

According to evolutionary psychologist Geoffry Miller, the display of creative prowess is analogous to the peacock’s tail as it helps to convey indicators of mental fitness. It gets better. Personality psychologist Gregory Feist extends this point by stating that there are two types of displayable creativity: applied/technological (science and engineering) and ornamental/aesthetic (art, music, and other aesthetic domains).

This bodes well for all of the engineers that frequent our space. Keep on being creative and who knows, maybe you’ll thank yourself for it. For more information on how creativity is attractive, check out this article on


 Top 10 most attractive creative behaviors:

1. Playing sports
2. Taking a date on a spontaneous road trip
3. Recording music
4. Making a clever remark
5. Writing music
6. Performing in a band
7. Taking of artistic photographs
8. Performing in comedy
9. Dressing uniquely
10. Writing poetry

Top 10 least attractive creative behaviors:

1. Making ad campaigns
2. Interior decorating
3. Writing an original computer program
4. Making websites
5. Growing and gardening
6. Presenting scientific or mathematical papers
7. Exterior decorating
8. Applying math to solve a practical problem
9. The development of scientific experimental designs
10. Participating in a drama production