[Photos] Stop.Pause.Create – Origami Jam

Just a few photos from last night’s social – Origami Jam. Stop.Pause.Create series is a way for us to come together, take a break from our busy lives and take a moment to pause and be creative. This is the first out of many to come. Next up is our Colouring Party – August 13 so be sure to check it out!

[Photos] Summer Night Couch Acoustic

With the weather spoiling our plans to head out to the beach and throw a big bon fire party, we brought it indoors and threw an art party the art gods would have been proud of. There was pizza making, group painting, jammin’, and even break dancing. When was the last time these four things happened in one place?

[Photos] Visual Fringe Festival: Intuitive Art

Tamar our resident Intuitive Art teacher spent an amazing week and a half in the alleyways of the iconic Honest Ed’s building to host Intuitive Art workshops for the Visual Fringe. Here are some amazing photos of the creative journeys she’s taken with the fine people who visited.

[Photos] Tell Me A Story #2

What a great night of story sharing! These nights get better and better. A serious thanks to everyone that came out and had the courage to get on the chair and share a little about themselves. Especially to those of you that weren’t planning on sharing but were inspired to. We started the night fairly light hearted but I’m glad we took it to a meaningful place; just amazing guys. Hope to see you all come out to the next one when the theme will be: “You won’t believe this…”

[Photos] AAH! #2

On Saturday, July 5th 2014 in a small studio in Toronto, a handful of polite and friendly people forgot about political correctness and threw caution into the wind and paint at a canvas. What transpired over the next hour was nothing short of madness and hilarity. Hats off to all of the brave artists who took part in the 2nd installation of Art Against Humanity!

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