[Photos] Tell Me A Story #2

What a great night of story sharing! These nights get better and better. A serious thanks to everyone that came out and had the courage to get on the chair and share a little about themselves. Especially to those of you that weren’t planning on sharing but were inspired to. We started the night fairly light hearted but I’m glad we took it to a meaningful place; just amazing guys. Hope to see you all come out to the next one when the theme will be: “You won’t believe this…”

[Photos] AAH! #2

On Saturday, July 5th 2014 in a small studio in Toronto, a handful of polite and friendly people forgot about political correctness and threw caution into the wind and paint at a canvas. What transpired over the next hour was nothing short of madness and hilarity. Hats off to all of the brave artists who took part in the 2nd installation of Art Against Humanity!

ART is where we PLAY!

We’ve started a Facebook Group for people who choose ART as their form of PLAY! Everyone in this group is encouraged to participate not spectate.

Stand-up, improv, and dance shows, art socials, cook-offs, jam sessions, and don’t make me crawl out of this computer and slap you! I’m sick and tired of LeVar Burton having all the fun. Learn a new skill, show off your old ones, and cook me some food!

This is a supportive environment so check your judgement at the door, and bring in the luuuuuv.

Tired of the same ol’ same? Join us in our fun social experiment. And remember… Playing isn’t just a young person’s game.

Join the discussion and get involved!

Building the Stage

Are you the type of person that rushes into things out of eagerness only to find that you should have done things differently? Well, this is another one of those stories from yours truly.


The stage at Dakota Tavern. One of my favourites.

It all began when a friend told me that it would be a great idea to have a stage. Think of the open mics you can hold there, she said. You can design it like the stage at Dakota Tavern, she said. Dakota was a place where the inner southern country boy in me would venture off to when I needed the break from Karaoke and Pho noodles. I’ve spent many a nights listening to some great bands at Dakota, but secretly I went for the stage.

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Toronto Art & Technology Meetup

Calling all creative types! We’ve started a meetup called Toronto Art & Technology. Hopefully we can round up some creative people in the city and start having conversations on how we can work together on some cool art projects. Check it out here.

Intuitive art classes at Artless Hub

Last week we hosted our first art class at Artless Hub! Our resident artist Tamar Swartz guided the class through the process of intuitive art making. Intuitive art is unlike most forms of art that most of us relate to. In its simplest form it is the process of creating imagery using single or mixed media leading with your hands and eyes, as opposed to your mind. It’s a process that’s difficult for most of us to grasp easily since we rely so heavily on planning and acting with intention.

For more information on these classes check out the meetup.

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