[Photos] Art Against Humanity #3

On the second Saturday of March a group of strangers came together to share in what was once only reserved for inner circles. Teachers, Engineers, and self proclaimed racists united on the front of political incorrectness and sought to dispel the notion of censorship. The result was hilarity and an ugly peek into the minds of some amazingly honest people. AAH!!!! See you at the next one.

[Photos] Dave Quanbury Apartment Concert

This past Wednesday we held out first apartment concert at the Hub. Singer-songwriter and Juno award nominated artist Dave Quanbury treated us to his unique style of music. He played left-handed on this right-handed guitar, treated us to some songs on the piano, and if you were lucky enough to hang around after the crowd had left, he pulled out our trumped and played us a tune. A big thanks to Dave and to everyone that came out to enjoy this special moment with us. See you at the next one!

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Boost your Employee Morale with Art

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, art is known to have healing effects on the body and a positive psychological impact on the brain. Performing arts have been known to reduce blood pressure while improving focus and outlook on work and regular life. The stimulation of creativity and thoughtful observation can also help in problem solving for businesses. Still interested in what we have to say? Well, take a look at Fast Company’s 5 easy ways to boost employee moral through art. Follow the article here.

How to Be More Creative

“To some, creativity is an elusive muse who rarely graces us with her presence. To others, she’s a best friend who stops by all the time to play and hang out. Either way, you can cultivate creativity any time—even right now. While you may not become the next Jony Ive or Salvador Dalí, it is possible for anyone to become more creative than they already are and to practice creativity.” ~ Michael Cooper

Like most skills in life, being better at using your creativity takes practice. So check out these great pointers from Fast Company on how to be more creative. Find the article here.



Smallest Human Ever Depicted

If you were challenged to create a work of art depicting the human form in the smallest way possible, how would you do it? You might immediately think of clay or perhaps a tiny drawing. Ask Jonty Hurwitz and he’ll use his 3D printer. Using a model and 200 cameras, Hurwitz has created the smallest human form using a multi-photon lithographic 3D printer by Makerbot. There’s a catch though, and you’ll have to check out this article to find out more.

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Help us shape Artless Hub into Toronto’s creative playground.

Before our new working model launch in the spring of 2015, we are offering only 3 spots to artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative spirits looking for a shared studio space. The objective of these three months is to have three candidates use our space to accomplish their personal goals, whether it’s starting up a new business or completing projects in the arts. With their feedback we plan to make improvements to the studio in preparation for our launch. Application deadline is December 19, 2014.

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