[Photos] Intuitive Drawing

Photos from our last Intuitive Drawing Session. We had a full house this day and a lot of personal sharing of what our subconscious wanted out on paper. Meet new friends, and let out your mind with the weapon of your choice. Next one up is August 12 7PM!

Our Attempt at Monoprinting

Artless Hub member Larissa showed us how to do some monoprinting at the Hub last Wednesday. A monoprint is a single impression of an image made from a reprintable block (said Wikipedia). Maybe a workshop on this soon? Let us know if you agree!

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[Photos] Stop.Pause.Create – Origami Jam

Just a few photos from last night’s social – Origami Jam. Stop.Pause.Create series is a way for us to come together, take a break from our busy lives and take a moment to pause and be creative. This is the first out of many to come. Next up is our Colouring Party – August 13 so be sure to check it out!

[Photos] Pet Portraiture

Calling all Pet Lovers! Thanks to everyone who came out to our Pet Portraiture class. Whether you have a pet or not, bring a pic of your favourite animal and get painting!

Fight Memory Loss with Art

BBC released an article on a study from Newcastle University that looked a three forms of exercises to determine which one would be most beneficial for memory retention. The first group worked on puzzles like Sudoku for three hours a week, while the second group walked for three hours a week. The final group was asked to take an art class for three hours a week. What was the end result?

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