Matthew Kim

Fight Memory Loss with Art

BBC released an article on a study from Newcastle University that looked a three forms of exercises to determine which one would be most beneficial for memory retention. The first group worked on puzzles like Sudoku for three hours a week, while the second group walked for three hours a week. The final group was asked to take an art class for three hours a week. What was the end result?

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Intuitive Art

Intuitive Art is:
Tapping into your creative potential
Exploring your inner-workings
About your personal process, not the result
Freeing the inner child in you that just wants to see what happens when the blue crayon makes a weird squiggle on the page

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Creative Hangout Promo


After all these months of toiling away alone at the loft and feeling a little departed from the world and afraid of the sunlight, I finally picked up an intern, Emelia. She’s been an awesome contributor and a huge help around the space, but really she gives me a chance to go out and see the world. She’s learning a lot of things on the job and I think she’s done some great work with our videos. Check out our latest promo video for Creative Hangout.

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[Photos] Paint & Wine

On the weekends we’ve been hosting Paint & Wine sessions up in the loft. Painting, wine, and fresh cookies are a great way to spend a weekend. Here are some photos.

[Photos] Art Against Humanity #3

On the second Saturday of March a group of strangers came together to share in what was once only reserved for inner circles. Teachers, Engineers, and self proclaimed racists united on the front of political incorrectness and sought to dispel the notion of censorship. The result was hilarity and an ugly peek into the minds of some amazingly honest people. AAH!!!! See you at the next one.

[Photos] Dave Quanbury Apartment Concert

This past Wednesday we held out first apartment concert at the Hub. Singer-songwriter and Juno award nominated artist Dave Quanbury treated us to his unique style of music. He played left-handed on this right-handed guitar, treated us to some songs on the piano, and if you were lucky enough to hang around after the crowd had left, he pulled out our trumped and played us a tune. A big thanks to Dave and to everyone that came out to enjoy this special moment with us. See you at the next one!

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