Art Against Humanity #2

Q. What do you get when you put together Cards Against Humanity + Painting?
A. Probably something that resembles the human centipede.

Golly, that sounds like serious business, but what is it exactly?

Part 1: A vivacious round of snacking, drinking, and fraternizing.
Part 2: Break out into a game of Cards Against Humanity. Everyone saves their best cards.
Part 3: Rounds of paint battles where painters must paint the theme of their cards.

So come enjoy the view from our space and make some new friends, be creative, and leave with something you can proudly hang in an obscure corner of your home where no one can criticize your artistic abilities and your sensibilities.

The price is $20 for painters and pay-what-you-can for spectators.

Register a spot on an easel before July 2 and get 20% off your ticket! Coupon Code: ARTPLAY

Reserve your spot on an easel:

* Everything else will be supplied.
* No previous painting experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome!