A Day at Artless – It’s Only the Beginning

I finally made a video to show the interior and what daily life looks like at Artless!

It’s been a little over 3 months now, since I happen to stumble along this place. What started out only as something I was to help out with only once a week, ended up becoming helping out almost everyday in anyway that I could. Whether it was through video, photos, moral support, company or an extra hand here and there I wanted to give it my all for what was supposed to only be 3 months here. I find that only when I approach situations and moments as if they were going to be my last, only then does it allow for them to birth something completely new (if that makes sense?).

Anyways, I currently write this now with the decision to stay and now help Artless on a full-time basis. It’s a beautiful space that welcomes everyone and anyone to come together and allows individuals to be able to express themselves without judgment and to explore more of who they are creatively. For me, Artless mirrors essentially the type of person that I want to become. I want to be a space that allows different people to feel welcome, accepted and loved for who they are and allow and push them to become more of who it is they could be.

This to me is Artless and why I love being here so much. This to me is why I love and cherish every moment that I have here with new friends and acquaintances and moments that all to come unexpectedly and with lovely surprises. I look forward to another year, another day and another moment always at the Hub.