• artless

    Without effort or pretentiousness; natural and simple. "an artless literary masterpiece"

  • Flex Your Creative Muscle

    Like your body, your creativity needs regular exercise to keep it strong and efficient.

  • A Space For

    Creative Parties

    Make your next birthday or bachelorette party a creative one!


Life has taken me to distant lands and we've closed for the time being. Hope to see you all again in the near future!

Sorry, we're closed.

Studies have shown that being creative regularly has health benefits. It  improves your ability to problem solve, de-stress, improves your mental functions, and it brings you happiness. At Artless Hub, we specialize in developing workshops that flex your creative muscle.

Creativity Is As Good For You As It Is For Your Work // Fast Company

How Art Changes Your Brain // Huffington Post

Best Way To Fight Memory Loss // BBC News

Ami Shah

Ami Shah

Entrepreneur / Peekapak

I have a very busy and stressful job. The intuitive art and yoga class gave me a chance to slow things down and reconnect with myself. I loved it!

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang

Founder, Content Strategist / 3 Avenues

Whenever I feel like I hit a brick wall in creativity and need a spur of inspiration, I go to the Artless Hub. Artless has not only helped me get to know more people, but also allowed me to tap into creative activities I never thought I would before.

Krys Gray

Krys Gray

Entrepreneur / Beefy Jerks

Artless Hub is one of Toronto's secret gems! Its a great space to be creative, meet fascinating people, and learn new skills. Take my word for it!

Tanzina Amin

Tanzina Amin

Supply Chain Manager (moonlighting as an artist) / Sears Canada Inc.

This is a wonderful space to work in, I love the ever-changing atmosphere whether I am there to just hang out, work on my art, attend an event or conduct a workshop.